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How might we help young cancer patients to help themselves understand their legal rights regarding economy, to manage educational challenges during illness, to understand how friends and network may help them though a cancer treatment, and if they have children to inform them how to talk with them about the disease.

Case description

Simon is 28 years old, and has testes cancer. Besides all his physical trouble regarding disease and treatment Simon has problems how to manage his social life.

Case description:
Simon has a girlfriend Gitte, and they have a small child Thomas. Thomas is three years old, and they would like to have more children. Both Simon and Gitte are studying at the University of Southern Denmark, and the economy is very tight as they both receive educational support from the state. Simon was diagnosed with testes cancer three months ago. He had an operation first and then got chemotherapy. Simon is normally a very fit guy, loving to play football. However, he hasn´t been to the football club since he got ill, and now he just feels very tired. Psychologically he feels anxious and sad. He doesn´t know what to do about his education (American Studies), and he doesn´t know what to do about the economy, and they have bills to be paid. Simon is feeling very alone, and misses his normal life. Besides Simon don´t know what and how to tell Thomas about the disease.


To have cancer may always be challenging, but when you are a young cancer patient, you may often feel alone as you rarely meet other young cancer patients in the department. Most of your friends go on with life including education, meeting friends and establishing families. Studies show that young people have unmet needs within information about daily life. Young people are familiar with information technology and they don’t want to spend much time at the cancer department. Can we develop a product which helps young patients with their information needs about legal rights, economy, education, friends and network, and finally with how to act if you have small children.

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  • Name (s) Karin Dieperink, RN, PhD
  • Address  Onkologisk Afdeling R, Sdr. Boulevard 29, 5000 Odense
  • Phone    +45 61 33 24 04

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