Do you know what the next generation of employees are capable of? Each year private and public businesses with an interest in welfare technology and innovation take part in InnoEvent to see what magic a group of 500 students from different educations and nationalities are capable of making within a week. The businesses participate either as consultants, experts or as part of the judge panel for the final pitch, which takes place on Saturday in week 11.If you are interested in being a judge, if you would like to explore the magic of the week or if you have questions about the InnoEvent, please contact or visit us in week 11. You can read more about the agenda for the week under ”programme”.

During some of our past events, the local news brought video coverage that show some of the groups’ concepts and the reaction from stakeholders. One video coverage also follows two groups that have continued the development of their concepts with the purpose of implementation at the hospital. Each year we have groups that continue the development of their concept in collaboration with the hospital and some of these lead to new companies.