About InnoEvent

InnoEvent is a platform for developing a creative, open-minded, and adaptive mind-set. The aim of the project is to give students the tools to work with other professions and industries in an innovative context. By doing so we lay the ground for founding new companies and creating new jobs, while preparing the students for the world of work.

Since its inception the healthcare industry has been our main focus exemplified through our main client Odense University Hospital. Each year they have presented a series of challenges they are facing, or that they know they will be facing in the future as society and demands are changing. Throughout the process experts from each field presented give feedback to the students, and the students are given the opportunity to consult other specialist trough the network of the hospital, and by so doing, the newest knowledge and research is being implemented. In addition both private and public companies and organisations are brought in for assessment and evaluation, which in some cases lead to further joint development and/or internships and employment.

Mission: To create new, innovative concepts where the newest knowledge and research comes into play, by using a triangulation where different educational backgrounds and a given industry are involved throughout the whole process.

Vision: To make humans prepared for grasping the challenges of society in the future and adapt to them.

Values: Lets do it! is our key phrase. When given a task, we believe it is important to foster an environment without any boundaries for imagination and creativity. Thus curiosity, open-mindedness and being socially adaptable are values we encourage and develop at InnoEvent